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T & C

Here is a copy of the terms and conditions you accepted when booking your reservation with Fancy That via ResOS:

We are crazy about tea and want to give you THE best experience possible, so we're making sure you understand a few important polices. You can see all policies online at:

Our minimum age is 12 years old, which applies to anyone not at least 12 years of age (i.e., newborns, infants, toddlers).

REDUCING YOUR PARTY SIZE: food is prepared specifically for your reservation, please give us 12 hours notice if your party size reduces, or a fee will apply.

PARTY SIZE: Our seating areas are cozy, so this means the largest pty we seat is six. Pls do not reserve more than one table for the same day/time, as we do not split groups into multiple tables; If you can't find a table for your pty size (up to six), we're happy to help; pls text 617.775.9118 for assistance or to be added to the wait list, or you can also email

CANCELLATION FEE: A tremendous amount of time, effort and resources goes into planning and preparing Afternoon Tea for you; if you cannot keep your reservation, please cancel (text: 617.775.9118 or leave a message on 888-323-2TEA), at least 48 hours in advance (more notice appreciated, if possible), so that we have time to fill the table. If at least 48 hours notice is not received, your card will be charged a non refundable amount of $30 per person. In such event, you are welcome to stop by on your scheduled day to pick up your afternoon tea treats, which upon request, we will package to-go.

GUEST WELLNESS you and/or your guests should not enter the tea house if you or they are feeling unwell for any reason; this is a general policy, not just covid related. Before entering the house, all guests should read our guest wellness policy, available online at:

TEA TIME DURATION we offer a ninety (90) minute experience, with specific start and end times, regardless of late arrival. Your teatime starts on time. For this reason, we ask everyone in your party to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance, ensuring your party is complete when Tea begins. This also facilitates a longer tea time, and in our book, that's always a good thing! Please be mindful of when your sitting ends.

REQUESTING A SPECIFIC TABLE / BRINGING GIFTS, FAVORS, BALLOONS, FLOWERS, PLANTS, TRIPODS, ETC. we are not accepting requests to be seated at a specific table or room; luckily, all of our seating areas have personali-TEA. If you are concerned about where you will be seated due to covid, and/or an underlying health condition, you may wish to consider our Afternoon Tea to-go options. Because our seating areas are small and cozy, please see our guidance re bringing gifts, favors, plants, flowers, balloons, tripods, etc:

FOOD ALLERGIES / DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: for your safety, we cannot accommodate food/nut allergies if severe. We can accommodate vegetarian and gluten free, but not severe gluten allergies or celiac. We do not offer dairy free, egg free or vegan. Our menu is pre-determined so special requests require 3 biz days notice and cannot be accommodated same-day; please note them, if any, in the "notes" field, along with # of people (e.g. "vegetarian for 2 people"). Please no outside food/cake. Please see our complete allergy information online at

PRE-PAYMENT: If you wish to pre-pay (optional) please use the pre-pay link found at

DIRECTIONS / PARKING / ACCESSIBILITY Please see parking and accessibility information online at Kindly do your best not to inadvertently take up more than one parking space, and please do not leave vehicles here after your teatime has ended, as all spaces are needed.

QUESTIONS? Pls ask before booking. You can text us at (this is a text-only #): 617.775.9118 or email


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