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We are thrilled to welcome you for in-door Afternoon Tea!

(we do not offer out door seating).

This Tea House is also our home, so here's what we require of you

and anyone planning to enter the house:

  • WHEN TO STAY HOME - this is an extremely important general requirement and not a covid policy:  If you or anyone in your party is feeling unwell for any reason whatsoever, flu, head cold, car/motion sickness etc, you or they must stay home.  If you or they feel unwell upon arrival or during your tea time, you or they should not stay for Tea (we are happy to package your goodies to-go).   

  • MasksUPDATED AS OF APR 2023, the CDC recommendation for Norfolk county, where we are located, is to wear a mask based on your personal preference,  informed by your personal level of risk.  If you are not vaccinated, we ask that you please wear a mask in the house.  pls see current CDC guidelines for more information.


  • Requesting a Specific Table:  we are not accepting requests to be seated at a specific table or room.  If you are concerned about where you will be seated due to covid, and/or an underlying health condition, pls consider our afternoon-tea-to-go options.

  • Take-out:  not ready to venture out? no worries!  We are still offering afternoon tea and lots of goodies to-go.  Please check out our to-go offerings, here:

As always, just let us know if you have questions.

We can't wait to see you for Tea! 

Have questions not answered here?

Pls see our FAQ/Policy Page

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