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We're CRAZY about TEA

we want to give you THE best experience possible, so we're making sure you're aware of a few important policies including age minimum (12+ which applies to anyone not at least 12 years of age (i.e., newborns, infants, toddlers));

guest wellness; 90 minute sittings (your party should be fully complete ten minutes in advance); seating areas:  we're unable to take requests for specific tables; pre-payment is required for parties of 5 and 6; cancellations [48 hours required, 7 days appreciated]; food allergies (for your safety, we can't accommodate severe allergies or celiac) We do not offer DF or vegan.  The building is not wheelchair accessible (pls see our accessibility statement).  Questions? Pls ask before booking.  We're excited to see you for TEA =)

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