a quick reminder, before you book

We're crazy about Tea and we want to give you THE best experience possible.  For these reasons, we want to be sure you're aware that when you make a reservation, you're agreeing to our policies including age minimum (12+ which applies to anyone not at least 12 yrs old (i.e., newborns, infants, toddlers); guest wellness, duration (90 min sittings; pls arrive early); seating areas (we're not accepting requests for specific tables); cancellation; food allergies/dietary requests (we do not offer DF, egg free, vegan, we cannot accommodate severe allergies including celiac); party size, late arrival, tea house decorum (i.e., pls don't leave us cranky vm messages) etc.  Also, please READ the email confirmation that you'll receive once you've booked a date, as it contains important info re having Tea with us.  Questions? Pls contact us before booking.

I understand, and agree,

and I am ready to make a reservation