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accessibility, parking and directions





Parking:  There is a parking lot in the front and also behind our Tea House.  You can access the back parking lot via the right hand side of the house.  If you park in the back, pls feel free to come in the back door.  Because parking is limited, we ask that when parking your vehicle, pls do your best to stay within our pink parking lines so as not to inadvertently take up two spaces.  Please ask for permission if you need to leave your vehicle here for any reason, after your tea time has ended. 

Accessibility:  This building is not wheelchair accessible.  Most of our rooms are small, and one central doorway is very narrow, although someone with a walker can typically fit through it.  Because of space limitations, it is very helpful if any walkers can be folded when not in use.  There are three stairs, a landing, and then one more step to enter the building.  We do not have a ramp.  There are no bars/rails installed in the single occupancy bathroom. 

All of our chairs are arm-less, as pictured.  They are  made of resin and are designed for commercial use, with an 800 lb. weight capacity.  We use

wood-backed vinyl upholstered/padded cushions on them (not pictured).

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