Tea and goodies to-go

Staying in doesn't mean you have to miss out on Tea Time! Order our full Afternoon Tea with optional adult beverage, or our new Picnic Tea to-go, and we'll box up all the goodies for you to enjoy at home or outdoors.

(pls give as much notice as possible as some supplies are taking longer to get).  Just want scones or macarons?  we can do that too! see our list of available options and a la carte items below.  To-go orders are avail with advance notice, Tues-Sun and Monday Holidays.

how to order

when you're ready to order, just text your order to 617-775-9118 (this 9118 number is not for incoming calls, it is only txt msgs) or email Reservations@AfternoonTea.com.  pls be sure to include your cell and email addy with any request.  Please do not use our online reservation booking app for to-go orders.  celebrating a birthday? let us know, and we'll include a mini crown party hat!

payment and pickup

Payment:  Payment is required prior to pick-up; we will email you an invoice (most likely a day or two beforehand) that you can pay online in advance.

Pickup:  Available Tuesday thru Sunday and Monday Holidays, typically between the hours of noon and 3pm.  In an effort to space out our pickups and keep everyone apart, we will assign you a pick up time.  When you arrive, please come inside to pickup (we do not offer curbside).  If it looks congested inside with other pickup orders, or if you're uncomfortable coming in unannounced, or if you're picking up later than your assigned time, pls text your name to 617.775.9118, and we will let you know when to come in.  Please text rather than calling us (we are typically not able to take calls while in the middle of tea service, which is why we ask that you pls text).

July Menu for

Full Afternoon Tea


substitutions of any item may occur without notice.  toward the end of any month, we often begin serving the new month's flavors.

full afternoon tea includes

all of the following:

scone and tea bread

July scone:  raspberry white chocolate

OR you can substitute

lemon poppy or plain

tea bread flavor is tbd

along with single-serve jar of

strawberry jam and english clotted cream


(English lemon curd available a la carte)

tea sandwiches

cucumber w chive/onion and a smidge of feta, cream cheese, x 2;

our fancy chicken salad made with apricot jam and white raisins x 1

sammie of the month:

July:  caprese


mini desserts

strawberry shortcake shot glass

mini patriotic cupcake

macaron - Americana Cheesecake





your choice of tea from our tea menu

(we'll provide for you to brew at home): https://bit.ly/Tea_Menu

pink cocoa available a la carte



photo: Elisabeth Guenette

afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea:  $29pp (with or without beverage) plus 7% meals tax (see menu description in the pink box to the right, if you're viewing this from a computer; or up above, if you're on a cell phone).

Champagne Tea Available to 21+ MA residents

Full Afternoon Tea with a single-serve bottle of sparkling prosecco or blanc de bleu (blue colored sparkling chardonnay), add $8. 


Tea:  we'll provide tea for you to brew at home.  Pls choose from this list:  https://bit.ly/Tea_Menu

picnic tea

We are over-the-moon excited to now offer a "lite" version of our traditional afternoon tea, packaged in an adorably cute, pink gable box.  With a cut-out handle, it's perfectly packaged for a trip to the park or beach, or even your back yard! 


$22pp (with or without beverage), plus meals tax (and alcohol tax, if applicable).

Picnic Tea includes all of the following:  two sammies (one cucumber (of course!) and one of our famous apricot chicken salad); heart-shaped scone (flavor of the month); single serve jars of jam and English clotted cream; two mini desserts (we choose); a pretty paper napkin; a pink, heart-shaped shovel-spoon with which to generously spread your jam and cream; a fancy foil paper straw to sip the adult beverage of your choice, from the following list:

    Coconut Moscato

    Pink Moscato

    Peach Moscato

    Classic Sangria
    Red Berries Sangria
    Tropical Sangria

Don't want alcohol? No problem.  You can substitute the adult beverage for sparkling rose-lemonade (glass bottle), sparkling cucumber water (can) (not sweetened); jasmine green ice tea (bottle) (lightly sweetened) or poland springs water (bottle).

a la carte

beverages - alcohol

Available to 21+ MA residents along with an order containing food.  Choose from the following single-serve bottles:


  • prosecco = $8

  • blanc de bleu, our blue colored sparkling chardonnay! = $8

  • blanc de rosé a blend of sparkling chardonnay and pinot noir wines = $8

  • Raspberry Lime Spiked Polar Seltzer Water = $5  

  • Barefoot Pink Moscato = $4

  • Coconut Moscato = $4.50

  • Peach Moscato = $4.50

  • Classic Sangria = $4.50

  • Red Berries Sangria = $4.50

  • Tropical Sangria = $4.50

beverages - non alcohol

  • Harney Organic Peach Iced Tea (this is only very lightly sweetened.  If you enjoy the taste of a true iced tea without much sugar, this is for you) (16 oz) = $4.50

  • Tazo Organic Jasmine Green Iced Tea (lightly sweetened) (13.8oz)= $4.50

  • sparkling cucumber water (12 oz) - not sweetened.

​​Pink Cocoa

  • packet (1.25oz) = $2

  • tin (5.5oz)  = $8

  • Rose Lemonade (sparkling) = $4.50

macarons (not to be confused with macaroons)


  • almond = $1.60

  • bubble gum = $2

  • funfetti = $2

  • earl grey = $2

  • green tea = $2

  • lavender = $2

  • root beer = $2



two fillings inside each one! $2.25 ea:

  • chocolate banana

  • cinnamon green apple (contains malt extract)

  • hazelnut caramel (contains malt extract)    

  • lemon raspberry

  • mango coconut

  • pistachio chocolate (contains malt extract)

  •  tiramisu coffee (contains malt extract)

  •  vanilla cherry


$2.25 ea

  •  Crème Brûlée

  •  Dark Chocolate

  •  Espresso

  •  Jordan Almond

  •  Peanut Butter & Jelly

  •  White Chocolate Coconut   

gourmet /specialty

these specialty macarons are beautiful to the eye and a treat for your taste buds!

  • american cheese cake (red, white and blue) = 2.25

  • honey bee (with a candy bee on top!) = $2.40

  • birthday (pink and white macaron shells filled

    with vanilla buttercream and topped with colorful          

    sprinkles = 2.25

  • cotton candy = 2.25

  • margarita = 2.25

  • pickle juice = 2.25

  • popcorn = 2.25

  • rose = 2.25

miniature macarons trios

these little cuties are approx 1" across, and are packed with flavor!  sold in three's (choose three flavors) = $3.50

  • chocolate

  • coffee

  • early grey

  • lemon

  • raspberry

  • salted caramel

  • orange

  • passion fruit

  • vanilla

honey bee


cotton candy

american cheese cake

mini filled french muffins

Each of these little french cuties come in an adorable tulip liner and have a generous filling inside!  they taste amazing! 

  • apple mini muffin filled w apple, topped w crumble = 1.25

  • chocolate mini muffin filled w hazelnut, topped w chocolate chunks = 1.25

  • lemon mini muffin filled w lemon, topped with chunky sugar crystals = $1.25

pocket latte

one square = one cup of coffee.  Have a coffee anywhere, anytime.  In bed, the shower, traffic, anywhere! = $3



  •     cream-and-sugar

  •     hazelnut

  •     lavender-vanilla

spreads and jams


Clotted Cream / Devon Cream

clotted cream mini jar = $2.5 ea

clotted cream/Devon Cream large jar = $10. ea

Lemon Curd (spread)

lemon curd mini jar = $1.65 ea


strawberry jam mini jar = 1.50


gourmet french jam 9.5 oz jars = $10 ea:

  •     apricot lavender

  •     love jam (passion fruit, strawberries, and roses)

  •     peach orange blossom

  •     pear macaron

  •     pear vanilla

  •     raspberry violet jam

  •     rose petal preserves

  •     strawberry marshmallow

  •     strawberry rose


gourmet french jam 3.5 oz = $7.50 ea

  •     blueberry violet

  •     rose


  • traditional plain = 1.50

  • lemon poppy = 1.50

  • june flavor:  birthday = 1.50



Hand Decorated Sugar Cubes:

Floral =  $14

Rosebuds = $14

​French Paper-Wrapped Sugar Cubes

package of twenty = $4


honey mini jar = 1.50

tea bread

Tea Bread Loaf = $6.50

  • banana chocolate chip

  • lemon

  • lemon raspberry

  • orange-cranberry


we have lots of stock of retail tins of tea.  If you're looking for a something in particular, let us know!

serving of any tea from our tea menu = $1.30 


Loose Tea Sample = $3.50 (approx 1 oz packet)


Tea Pops from England.  Tea on a stick that dissolves in cold or hot water!

one pop in a pillow box = $2

tin of 6 pops = $9


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