Seating Areas

​How we determine where you'll be seated:

Every morning, we prepare a seating chart that reflects where all of our guests will be seated for the day.  Seating is determined based on several factors, including the order in which reservations are received and the size of each party.  If you have a preferred seating area, let us know at the time that you make a reservation, and if it is possible, we will accommodate.  Specific tables are not guaranteed, but we really do our best to make you happy.
  Advance notice of any seating preference is required.   Bear in mind that we are a mom-and-pop tearoom and not a large restaurant; we have limited staff, tables and time at our disposal.  This means there typically isn't flexibility to change your assigned table at the last minute.  As always, we thank you for your kind understanding and gracious cooperation. ♥  

The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room (also called Faith's Room, named for my sister) is a happy little room that seats up to four

The Window Table

Located in the main room that you enter into, the Window Table can seat up to six

The Pink Room

The Pink Room is a cozy space that seats up to four

The Dining Room

The dining room is our largest and most versatile room.  It can seat up to eight at one long table or up to ten at four small separate tables

The Dining Room set for a group of ten