covid upadte

Fancy That staff are fully vaccinated!

We are so excited to welcome you for in-door Afternoon Tea! 

​We've got robust protocols in place;

Here's what we ask of you and everyone in your party:

  • The time of your existing reservation may be changed by us, in order for us to comply with the governor's current occupancy requirements.  If we must change your reservation time, we will reach out to you via text or email.

  • Please stay home if any of the following apply to you or anyone in your party: you or anyone you have been in contact with has recently traveled to a CDC designated high-risk country; if any member of your party is traveling from a state currently identified as "high risk";  if you or anyone in your party is not feeling well; if you or anyone in your party has cold or flu symptoms or a temperature of 100.3 or above; or if you know or anyone in your party knows they have been exposed to the virus. 

  • Food allergies/dietary restrictions:  it is important, now more than ever (since certain supplies are taking longer to get in house), that you understand what we can and can't do, with respect to food allergies/dietary restrictions.  pls see our info/policy page for more info.


  • Cancellations: now more than ever, it is critical that you give us proper notice of at least 24 hours - longer if possible - if you need to cancel your reservation.  We buy and prepare only the food we need for any given day.  If you cancel at the last minute or do not show, the food we prepared for you is then thrown away AND we loose the chance to offer the table to someone else.  Now more than ever, small mom-and-pop eateries are struggling to withstand these types of losses.  PLEASE consider the effects of your actions:  if you have to cancel a reservation anywhere, not just here, give that establishment enough notice. The longevity of your favorite place depends on it.


  • Entering:  if the entrance/front room area looks busy when you arrive, or if your don't feel comfortable entering unannounced, please text (text msgs only; no phone calls) and we'll let you know when to enter:  617-775-9118 (this 9118 number is text-only).  Otherwise, please come inside when you arrive for your reservation.


  • Hand Sanitizer:  when you enter, please use hand sanitizer; you'll see a PINK (because not even covid will stand between us and our favorite color) hands-free dispenser located at our front and back doors.  There are also hand sanitizer pump-bottles placed throughout the house, including the loo.   


  • Masks:  Pls wear a mask at all times (covering your face and nose), except when eating or drinking.

  • Menus:  you can scan our tea menu with your smart phone, or paper tea menus will be provided if you'd like one.  We encourage you to look at our extensive tea menu in advance of arrival, since there are a lot of choices :)   


  • Payment:  we accept credit, debit and cash.  you can also pay in advance on our website if you wish.  We do not take payment over the telephone.

  • Requesting a Specific Table:  we are utilizing fewer tables these days, so we have a bit less flexibility and are not currently accepting requests to be seated at specific tables/rooms. 

  • Seating Duration:  sittings are 90 minutes long and have a specific start time and end time.  Your seating begins at your scheduled time, regardless of late arrival.  We ask that you please arrive on time and be mindful of when your sitting ends.


Social Distancing


  • Table Spacing:  the layout of the tearoom lends it self well to ensuring there is significant distance (i.e., well over six feet); currently, there is only ever one table in use per room at any given time.

  • Groups:  we seat groups of up to a maximum of six.  We do not split groups into multiple tables, six is the max.  We do not host events.

  • Celebrating a birthday?  We are no longer using candles, but you will receive a fabulous crown party hat!  it's all about the crown, anyway! 

  • We won't frequent your table often, so please ring for us using the bell on your table, should you need something, including when you are ready for the check.


  • Take-out:  not ready to venture out? no worries!  We are still offering afternoon tea and lots of goodies to-go.  Please check out our to-go offerings, here:

As always, just let us know if you have questions.

We can't wait to see you for Tea!