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Fancy That staff are fully vaccinated!

We are so excited to welcome you for in-door Afternoon Tea! 

Here's what we ask of you and everyone in your party:

  • We are fully vaccinated, but we still ask that you please stay home if you or anyone in your party is not feeling well; if you or anyone in your party has cold or flu symptoms. 

  • MasksAs of September 2, 2021:  if you are vaccinated:  masks are optional but recommended indoors.  If you are not vaccinated, please where a mask.  pls see current CDC guidelines for more information.

  • Food allergies/dietary restrictions:  it is important, since certain supplies are still taking longer to get in house, that you understand what we can and can't do, with respect to food allergies/dietary restrictions.  pls see our info/policy page for more info.


  • Party Size:  we can seat a group of up to six (we don't split groups over multiple tables.  one group of up to six is our maximum.

  • Cancellations: it is critical that you give us proper notice of at least 24 hours - longer if possible - if you need to cancel your reservation.  We buy and prepare only the food we need for any given day.  If you cancel at the last minute or do not show, the food we prepared for you is then thrown away.  Please remember that restaurants are still trying to bounce back.  We ask that you please consider the effects of your actions:  if you have to cancel a reservation anywhere, not just here, give that establishment enough notice.


  • Requesting a Specific Table:  we are still utilizing fewer tables, so we have a bit less flexibility and are not accepting requests to be seated at a specific table or room.  Luckily, all of our seating areas have personaliTea :) 

  • Seating Duration:  sittings are 90 minutes long and have a specific start time and end time.  Your seating begins at your scheduled time, regardless of late arrival.  We ask that you please arrive a few minutes early and pls be mindful of when your sitting ends.

  • Celebrating a birthday?  We are no longer using candles, but you will receive a fabulous crown party hat!  it's all about the crown, anyway! 

  • Take-out:  not ready to venture out? no worries!  We are still offering afternoon tea and lots of goodies to-go.  Please check out our to-go offerings, here:

As always, just let us know if you have questions.

We can't wait to see you for Tea!