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Tea Shoppe Hours**
Select Tuesdays and Wed-Fri: 10am - 3pm
Sat-Sun:  10am - 4:30pm


888-323-2TEA (2832)***


text:  617.775.9118***
please include your cell number when emailing us
272 Main Street
Walpole, MA  02081
*Click here for Recommendations for Tea with children.
**We serve Afternoon Tea only (we do not host private events) and Reservations are required:  The quickest way to reserve is to use our online booking app.  For in-person inquires about Teatime here:  please set an appointment to ensure we are available to meet with you at a time when you will have our undivided attention.
***Reaching us by phone:  we are a small mom-and-pop operation and this is part of our charm :) you will most likely reach voice mail if you call;
if so, pls leave a mesg and we will return your call within 24-48 hours.
***The cell number provided for texting is Sarah's personal cell; pls use it for text-only, and not phone calls.  Since there is no way to read a text msg and then mark it as "un-read" (thereby flagging it for future followup), I won't reply right away if I cannot give you a helpful answer at that time.  For example, if your message comes across while I am sleeping, if I'm out at a restaurant eating dinner, at a store, driving, or in the middle of serving tea etc, I won't reply right away.  In any of those cases, I will leave your message unread so that I know which ones require follow up.  Thanks for your patience :)