optional adult beverages


  Prosecco = $8

  Blanc de bleu, our blue colored sparkling chardonnay! = $8

  Raspberry Lime Spiked Polar Seltzer Water = $5  

  Coconut Moscato = $5

  Peach Moscato = $5


  Pink Moscato = $5

  Classic Sangria = $5

  Red Berries Sangria = $5

  Tropical Sangria = $5

NEW:  Classic Mimosa; Cranberry Mimosa, Mango Mimosa; and Peach Bellini! = $5 ea


    Sparkling Rose Lemonade (non alcoholic) imported from England = $5



♥ = loose tea available for purchase



(what is black tea?  Read about tea types, here)

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake ♥   black teas, organic cinnamon chips, apple pieces, orange blossoms and flavouring.

Apricot:  dark brown leaves of China black tea and flavouring.

Birthday (decaffeinated):  decaf Ceylon black tea, hibiscus, rose hips, spearmint, peppermint, marigold petals, cornflowers and natural flavours.

Bombay Chai:  cinnamon chips, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and a dash of cardamom are blended with black teas from China and India.

Boston Blend:  china black tea, cranberry, and almond flavours.


Cap'n Picard's Blend ♥  black tea with an extra dose of bergamot!

Caramel Vanilla:  black tea, blackberry leaves, carob bits, natural caramel and vanilla flavour.

Constant Comment:  black tea, orange rinds and spices.  

Courtship Tea:  black tea and ginger.  

Darjeeling:  a classic black tea grown in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India.

Dirty Chai ♥  black tea, clove, lemon peel, coffee, flavouring.

Earl Grey (regular or decaffeinated):  a classic black tea with bergamot.

Earl Grey Cream ♥  black teas from China and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) along with bergamot, and creamy flavouring.

English Breakfast (regular or decaffeinated):  a traditional blend of black teas from Kenya (East Africa) and Assam (India).

Farmer’s Market Kettle Corn ♥  black tea, popped rice, apple pieces, chamomile and Safflower petals, natural flavours.

Florence:  Black tea with hazelnut flavouring.

Hot Cinnamon Spice:  an assertive blend of black teas, cinnamon, orange peel and cloves. 

Lady Marshmallow ♥ black tea with caramel, marshmallow and chocolate.

Lapsang Souchong:  a smokey pine black tea.  


Lemon Curd ♥ black tea, white chocolate bits, lemon pieces, lemon peel, and lemon myrtle.


Luscious Purple Plum ♥  black tea, peony petals, natural and artificial flavours.

Marie Antoinette:  black ceylon tea blended with rose petals and apple fragrance from Versailles palace.

Mocha Chocolat ♥ black tea, coffee beans, chocolate and white chocolate bits and maple sugar!

Monk’s Blend ♥ black tea, marigold petals, sunflower petals, natural flavours.  

PG Tips:  this hearty black tea is a combination of teas from around the world.

Sweet Ginger Peach:  Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Assam (India) black teas, peach flavouring and ginger root.

Tower of London:  a blend of black teas, natural dried stone fruit, bergamot, honey flavour.

Valentine Tea black tea, cacao nibs, hibiscus flowers, flavourings and raspberry pieces.

Victorian Earl Grey ♥ Chinese black tea scented with rose petals, lavender petals, rose petals, rosemary and bergamot.

Violet Rose ♥ a rose scented black tea, rose petals and violet flavour.


Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea ♥ (jasmine earl grey) a blend of black and green teas, jasmine, cornflower petals and natural flavours.


Earl Grey Lavender:  black and oolong teas with bergamot and Lavender.

Paris:  black and oolong teas, black currant, vanilla and caramel flavour and bergamot.  

Victorian London Fog:  black and oolong teas, bergamot, lavender, vanilla flavour.  


(what is oolong tea?  Read about tea types, here)

Formosa Oolong:  a darker oolong tea from Taiwan.

Milk Oolong:  grown at a high elevation, this oolong contains no milk but is named for its sweet, cream like aroma and silky texture.

Orange Brûlée ♥  oolong, orange peel, caramel pieces (contains milk) orange blossom, flavouring.

Pomegranate Oolong:  full leaves of premium oolong are infused with tangy pomegranate.

Strawberry Rose Champagne:  dried apple, raisins, licorice root, hibiscus, fennel, pineapple cubes, juniper berries, rose buds, strawberries, anise, rose hips, peach cubes (peach, rice flour), star anise, vanilla bean, natural Flavors.

Vanilla Orange Jasmine Oolong ♥ jasmine scented oolong with orange flovour.


Longevi-Tea:  a blend of organic oolong and green teas with Jasmine.


(what is green tea?  Read about tea types, here)

Bangkok:  green tea, lemongrass, vanilla, coconut and ginger.  

Cherry Bakewell:  green tea, natural cherry and vanilla flavouring with other natural flavourings; imported from England.

Creme de la Berry ♥ green tea, strawberry fruit pieces, organic cacao nibs and strawberry flavouring.  

Enchanted Forest ♥ green tea along with coconut shreds, rose petals, blue cornflower blossoms and almond flavouring.

Figgy Pudding ♥ green tea, currants, orange peel, cinnamon, flavouring, blackberry leaf, raspberry pieces and cornflowers.   

Gunpowder:  green Tea with a sharp, charred flavour.


Dragon Pearl Jasmine:  green and white leaves, infused with the floral   
essence of jasmine flowers.   


(what is white tea?  Read about tea types, here)

Orange Blossom:  white tea, natural orange and orange flower flavoring.

Royal Wedding:  white tea with almond, coconut and vanilla, and pink
rosebuds and petals.  

White Peach:  a peach-flavoured white tea.  

White Pear:  white tea, pear bits and natural pear flavour.


Venetian Tiramisu:  white tea, Japanese hojicha (roasted twigs/stems from the Tea plant), cocoa and vanilla flavours, cacao nibs, brandy flavour and natural flavours.

HERBAL (contains no tea leaves)
(what is an herbal? Read about tea types, here)

Creamy Hibiscus ♥ apple bits, hibiscus, rosehips, strawberries, vanilla bits and pastel chocolate bits—YUM!   

Christmas In Paris: cocoa shells, peppermint, lavender,  chocolate flavour, vanilla extract. (not many herbals take milk, but this one is fab with a little milk & sugar)

Downton Abbey®  English Rose:  hibiscus, rosehip peels, apples, stevia, natural raspberry, natural rose and vanilla flavours and rose petals.  

Indigo Punch: apple pieces, rose hips, butterfly pea flower, lemon peel, lemongrass, raspberry and honey flavouring.

Lemon and Ginger:  ginger root, natural lemon and ginger flavours with other natural flavours, lemon grass, linden, lemon peel, blackberry leaves.

Lemon Lavender Potion ♥ lavender, lemon peel, apple, rose hips, hibiscus and mini white chocolate chips.

Mother’s Bouquet:  chamomile flowers, rosebuds, cornflowers, and orange peel, citrus flavour.

Palace Gardens Chamomile: Chamomile flowers.

Raspberry:  rosehips, hibiscus, raspberry leaves and raspberry flavour.

Southern Mint:  peppermint leaves.

Strawberry Kiwi:  strawberry pieces, rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, orange peel, and kiwi pieces, strawberry and kiwi flavours.   

HERBAL - ROOIBOS (pronounced:  roy-boss; contains no tea leaves)

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble ♥ organic green rooibos, currants, beetroot, organic cinnamon, blackberry leaves, flavouring, organic lemongrass, malva flowers. 

Bourbon Street Vanilla ♥ rooibos, almond pieces, marigold petals, natural

Honey Bear ♥ red and green Rooibos, honeybush, yerba mate (yer-bah mah-tay), lemon peel, marigold petals, blue cornflowers, lemon myrtle, teddy bear sprinkles, flavouring.

Lemon Chiffon:  green rooibos, apple, lemongrass and natural lemon, vanilla and coconut flavours.

Love Affair ♥ rooibos, red heart sugar sprinkles, flavouring, rose petals, freeze-dried strawberry, raspberry and rhubarb pieces.

Sugar Plum Fairy ♥ organic green rooibos, organic whole cloves, rosehips, hibiscus, blackberry leaf, flavourings, vanilla beans, mallow blossoms and raspberry pieces.  

Sweet Sin ♥ rooibos with freeze-dried whole raspberries, rose petals, vanilla
pieces and flavouring.



pls inform your server if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy. special dietary requests require 72 hours notice. we cannot accommodate severe food allergies.
Consumer Advisory Notice:
Consuming raw or under cooked meat, poultry, dairy or seafood
may increase your risk of food borne illness and pose a risk to your health.


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