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For our dine-in guests, Alcohol is available

during the first half of your 90 minute sitting

  • Prosecco = $10

  • Blanc de bleu, our blue colored sparkling chardonnay! = $10

  • Electric Blue Raspberry Moscato = $8


  • Classic Mimosa; Cranberry Mimosa, Mango Mimosa; and Peach Bellini! = $6 ea

  • Moscato:  Coconut; Peach or Pink = $6

  • Sangria:  Classic; Red Berries or Tropical = $6

  • Sparkling Rose Lemonade (non alcoholic) imported from England = $5



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tea selections

♥ = loose tea available for purchase by the ounce

● = usually available for purchase in retail tins


BLACK (what is black tea?)

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake ♥   sunday morning breakfast in a cup!  Black teas, organic cinnamon chips, apple pieces, orange blossoms and flavouring.

Apricot:  dark brown leaves of China black tea and flavouring.

Baby It's Cold Outside ♥  but this chocolate spice tea will warm you, right to your toes! black tea, lemon peel, cloves, cinnamon, chocolate bits (soy), red/pink peppercorns, flavour. 

Barry's Irish Breakfast:  a blend of black teas from Kenya and the Assam valley of India


Bewitched ♥ bergamot spice taste with spooky sprinkles:  black tea, green and orange sprinkles (soy), flavouring, cinnamon, gold sugar, and orange peel.

(decaffeinated):  decaf Ceylon black tea, hibiscus*, rose hips, spearmint, peppermint, marigold petals, cornflowers and natural flavours. (*hibiscus is often intercropped with peanuts).

Bombay Chai:  cinnamon chips, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and a dash of cardamom are blended with black teas from China and India.

Boston Blend
  black tea, cranberry, and almond flavours.


Cap'n Picard's Blend ♥  black tea with an extra dose of bergamot!

Caramel Vanilla
●  black tea, blackberry leaves, carob bits, natural caramel and vanilla flavour.


Chocolate Campfire ♥  black tea, lapsang souchong (a smoky black tea), marshmallow, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate chips, natural chocolate flavour, safflower & vanilla creme flavour.  Awesome!


Cocoa Kiss ♥ the perfect blend of Tea and chocolate!  black tea, cocoa nibs, natural chocolate flavour, chicory, dark chocolate chips, cocoa powder, cornflowers.  Finally, a chocolate tea that exceeds expectations!

Constant Comment:  black tea, orange rinds and spices.  

Courtship Tea
●  a black tea blend with bergamot and ginger.

Darjeeling:  a classic black tea grown in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India.

Dirty Chai ♥  black tea, clove, lemon peel, coffee, flavouring.

Earl Grey (regular or decaffeinated):  a classic black tea with bergamot.


Earl Grey Poolside ♥ black tea with bergamot, shredded coconut, pineapple bits, safflowers, flavouring, yellow pineapple shaped sprinkles (artificial color).


Earl Grey Cream ♥  black teas, natural bergamot flavour, and vanilla flavour.

English Breakfast (regular or decaffeinated):  a traditional blend of black teas from Kenya (East Africa) and Assam (India).

Farmer’s Market Kettle Corn ♥  black tea, popped rice, apple pieces, chamomile and Safflower petals, natural flavours.

Fig and Lavender ♥  black tea with fig bits and lavender.


Fireside ♥  a delish smokey and sweet maple black tea with lapsang souchong (a smokey black tea), maple syrup, safflower petals and natural flavour.

COMING SOON:  Forget-me-not ♥  a delicate black tea with notes of sweet lilacs and blueberries.

HAPPY TEA ♥  They say the aroma of citrus can help lighten your mood; much like having Tea at Fancy That!  Black tea, orange peel, natural flavour.   Goodness in a cup!

Hot Cinnamon Spice
●  an assertive blend of black teas, cinnamon, orange peel and cloves.

Don Draper's Bourbon Tea ♥ if Don Draper drank Tea, we're pretty sure this would be his preferred cup:  a magnificent blend of flavourful black teas (including two smokey teas: keemun and lapsang souchong), rose hips, cocoa nibs, whiskey flavour, blue cornflowers and natural flavours of candy apple and vanilla. contains no alcohol.

Lady Grey (Twinings):  Earl Grey black tea with the addition of lemon and orange peel, and trademarked by Twinings in the early 1990's.

Lady Marshmallow ♥ black tea with caramel, marshmallow and chocolate.


Lady Violet ♥ our signature violet earl grey, only found at Fancy That!  premium black teas, violet flavour, mallow blossoms, bergamot.


Lemon Curd ♥ black tea, white chocolate bits, lemon pieces, lemon peel, and lemon myrtle.

Love Potion ♥  black tea, cacao nibs, hibiscus flowers*, raspberry pieces, flavouring. (*hibiscus is often intercropped with peanuts).

Luck of the Irish   black tea, peppermint, peppermint candy, shamrock sprinkles, milk chocolate bits, flavour.  (milk, soy)

Malted Magic   black tea and everyone’s fave childhood treat— malted milk balls!

black tea, chocolate bits, malted milk balls, white cornflowers. (sugar, milk, wheat, soy, malt)

Marie Antoinette:  black ceylon tea blended with rose petals and apple fragrance from Versailles palace.

Mister Fezzywig's Blend  This tea will bring you back to all that was good and happy during Christmases past; even Ebenezer Scrooge would approve:  black tea with creamy vanilla, mint, red, green and silver sprinkles, popcorn.

Mocha Chocolat ♥ black tea, coffee beans, chocolate and white chocolate bits and maple sugar! (try adding cinnamon to this - it's fab!)

Parisian Latte ♥ This Tea is AMAZING with milk (and sugar) which really accentuates the yogurt, giving a creamy taste:  black tea, cocoa bits, brittle pieces (hazelnut), chocolate chips (soy), flavoring, coffee beans, freeze-dried yogurt (milk).

PG Tips:  this hearty black tea is a combination of teas from around the world.

Pistachio Rose Shortbread ♥ black tea, pistachios, rose petals, marzipan drops, almonds, flavouring.

Pumpkin Spice ♥   a blend of black tea, rooibos (roy-boss), lemon peel, cloves, caramel pieces (milk), cinnamon, carrots, orange sprinkles (soy), pumpkin flakes, flavouring.


Professor Plum's Spiced Tea ♥  The allure of this tea is no mystery:  a blend of black and green teas, plum (plum, rice flour), natural and artificial flavour, cinnamon.


Rose Lychee ♥  a rose and lychee scented black tea that does not disappoint.


St. Nick  (maple black tea) black tea, almonds, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, moose tracks flavoring.

Ruby Earl Grey   a fun earl grey with strawberry bits, raspberry notes and ruby chocolate pieces.

Sunday Morning Tea   The aroma of this tea is pure lazy Sunday morning!  black tea, apple pieces, organic cinnamon pieces, apple cinnamon french toast flavour.

Sweet Ginger Peach:  Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Assam (India) black teas, ginger root, peach flavouring.

Tower of London
●  a blend of black teas, natural dried stone fruit, bergamot, honey flavour.


Typhoo:  said to be John Lennon's favourite Tea, Typhoo is a flavoursome blend of Assam black teas.

Victorian Earl Grey ♥ Rose Congou (i.e., Chinese black tea scented with rose petals), lavender petals, rose petals, rosemary and bergamot.

Violet Rose ♥ a rose scented black tea, rose petals and violet flavour.


Yorkshire Gold:  a classic blend of black teas.


Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea ♥ (jasmine earl grey) a blend of black and green teas, jasmine, cornflower petals and natural flavours.


Earl Grey Lavender:  black and oolong teas with bergamot and Lavender.

●  black and oolong teas, black currant, vanilla and caramel flavour and bergamot.  

Victorian London Fog
●  black and oolong teas, bergamot, lavender, vanilla flavour.

​OOLONG  (what is oolong tea?)

NEW:  April Showers
  oolong tea, cinnamon, apple pieces, rose hips, natural wild cherry flavor, natural almond flavor, cherries & rose petals.

Blackberry Sage ♥ oolong tea, sage, natural blackberry flavour, raspberries and raspberry  leaves.  This will be your new fave oolong!

Oolong Lemon Basil ♥  oolong tea, basil, freeze-dried lemon granules, flavoring, marigold blossoms.

Milk Oolong ●  grown at a high elevation, this light-colored oolong contains no milk but is named for its sweet, cream like aroma and silky texture.

Orange Brûlée ♥  oolong tea, orange peel, caramel pieces (contains milk) orange blossom, flavouring.

Strawberry Rose Champagne
●  dried apple, raisins, licorice root, hibiscus*, fennel, pineapple cubes, juniper berries, rose buds, strawberries, anise, rose hips, peach cubes (peach, rice flour), star anise, vanilla bean, natural Flavors. (*hibiscus is often intercropped with peanuts). 

Delightful ♥ jasmine scented oolong with vanilla and orange flavour.

GREEN (what is green tea?)

Awesome Autumn ♥  gunpowder green tea, apple pieces, cinnamon, rose hips,
natural creme brulee flavour, marigold flowers, rose petals.  Awesome in a cup!


Cherry Bakewell:  green tea, natural cherry and vanilla flavouring with other natural flavourings; imported from England.

Creme de la Berry ♥ green tea, strawberry fruit pieces, organic cacao nibs and strawberry flavouring.  

Enchanted Forest ♥ green tea along with coconut shreds, rose petals, blue cornflower blossoms and almond flavouring.  Producers a delicate cup that is light in color.

Figgy Pudding ♥ green tea, currants, orange peel, cinnamon, blackberry leaf, raspberry pieces, cornflowers, flavouring.

NEW:  Green Tea Greyhound a green tea version of a Rosemary Greyhound Cocktail; brews to a gorgeous crimson color!  Sencha green tea, beetroot, juniper berries, flavourings, rosemary, grapefruit peel, safflowers, stevia leaves.


O Tannenbaum green tea, orange slices, sliced almonds, flavouring, pink peppercorns, safflower.

NEW:  Pink Grapefruit ♥  green tea, dragonfruit, carrot shreds, grapefruit pieces, orange peel, natural flavouring, sweet blackberry leaves, sunflower blossoms, safflower.

Unicorn Bliss ♥  If you don't like Green Tea, I promise you, one sip of this creamy strawberry blend, and you'll forget it's green:   green tea, yogurt pieces (milk), marshmallows (artificial color), strawberry bits, flavouring, unicorn shaped sprinkles (artificial color). 


Dragon Pearl Jasmine
●  an elegant blend of green and white leaves, infused with the floral essence of jasmine flowers.


Regency Romance ♥  a delicate tryst of fruit and floral that will leave you wanting more:  white tea, gunpowder green tea, jasmine green tea, natural pineapple flavour, natural peach flavor, rose petals & marigold flowers.

WHITE (what is white tea?)

NEW:  Heaven Sent ♥  white tea, cocoa husks, white chocolate chips, flavour.


Hello Gorgeous ♥ white tea, orange, natural grapefruit flavor & marigold flowers

Orange Blossom ●  white tea, natural orange and orange flower flavoring.


Peachy Keen ♥ white tea, natural peach flavour, apricots, marigold flowers.

NEW: Raspberry Lemon Drop ♥ tart lemon with hints of raspberry and a raspberry finish:  white tea, lemon myrtle, ginger pieces, flavour, raspberry pieces.

Smitten ♥  white tea, apricots, peach and lavender - an unexpected but amazing combo!

Summer Basil ♥ white tea, natural strawberry flavor & strawberries, basil, hibiscus*, lemon grass, rose hips, raspberry leaves.  (*hibiscus is often intercropped with peanuts).

NEW:  Tropical Sunrise ♥ white tea, rose petals, along with natural flavours of pineapple and coconut.


NEW:  White Grape ♥ white tea, rose hip peel, freeze-dried blackcurrants, flavoring, mallow blossoms, cornflowers.

White Pear:  white tea, pear bits and natural pear flavour.

Wicked White (chai) ♥ white tea, ginger, lemon grass, cinnamon, pineapple pieces, coconut, cloves, cardamom, apple pieces, red peppercorn natural spice flavour & natural cinnamon flavour.  This will become your new fave chai!

​HERBAL (contains no tea leaves) (what is herbal "tea")

Pro Tip:  many herbals are best without milk;

some fruity or citrus herbals may turn gray or become sour if milk is added. 

Berry Basil ♥  flavours of strawberry, elderflower and basil:  apple pieces, pineapple cubes, rose hip peel, lemon grass, eucalyptus leaves, fennel, melissa leaves, blue butterfly pea flowers, flavoring, basil, pink cornflower blossoms.

NEW:  Bitter Lemonade pineapple, sour apple pieces, freeze-dried lemon and lemon peel, freeze-dried redcurrants, flavouring.

Christmas In Paris ●  cocoa shells, peppermint, lavender,  chocolate flavour, vanilla extract. (not many herbals take milk, but this one is fab with a little milk & sugar)

Downton Abbey® English Rose  (Downton is pronounced: "down-Tun"):  hibiscus*, rosehip peels, apples, stevia, rose petals, natural raspberry, natural rose and vanilla flavours.  (*hibiscus is often intercropped with peanuts).

Ginger Basil Lemon ♥  ginger, apple pieces, sour apple pieces, pineapple cubes, freeze-dried lemon peel, blackberry leaves, natural flavoring, freeze-dried lemon granules, moringa leaves, basil.

Indigo Punch ●  brews to a gorgeous color of blue!  apple pieces, rose hips, butterfly pea flower, lemon peel, lemongrass, raspberry and honey flavouring.


Lemon Ginger (Twinings)

Lemon Lavender Potion ♥ lavender, lemon peel, apple, rose hips, hibiscus* and mini white chocolate chips.  (*hibiscus is often intercropped with peanuts).


Licorice Spice (Stash Tea):  licorice root*, cinnamon, orange peel, star anise, vanilla extract, sarsaparilla, orange oil, natural cinnamon flavour; clove bud oil, cardamon oil. *Stash includes the following disclaimer on this herbal tea re licorice root: "this ingredient is not intended for use during pregnancy or while nursing, or if you have heart disease or high blood pressure."

Mother’s Bouquet
●  chamomile flowers, rosebuds, cornflowers, and orange peel, citrus flavour.

Palace Gardens Chamomile
●  Chamomile flowers.


​Raspberry Sweet ♥  reminds me of cotton candy!  pineapple, apple and dragonfruit pieces, natural flavoring, freeze-dried raspberry pieces.  So Yum!

Southern Mint:  peppermint leaves.

Strawberry Kiwi
●  strawberry pieces, rose hips, hibiscus*, apple pieces, orange peel, and kiwi pieces, strawberry and kiwi flavours.  (*hibiscus is often intercropped with peanuts).

Yuletide   rose hips, hibiscus*, apple pieces, orange, ginger, cinnamon, cherries, natural flavours of cranberry, cinnamon, orange and ginger. (*hibiscus is often intercropped with peanuts).

​HERBAL - ROOIBOS (pronounced:  roy-boss; contains no tea leaves)

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble ♥ organic green rooibos, currants, beetroot, organic cinnamon, blackberry leaves, flavouring, organic lemongrass, malva flowers. 

Bourbon Street Vanilla ♥ rooibos, almond pieces, marigold petals, natural

NEW:  Cuppa-Teano ♥ a creamy cappuccino flavoured herbal tea!  rooibos, caramel (milk), flavouring, marigold petals - great with milk!

Carrot Cake ♥ rooibos, green rooibos, honeybush, raisins, carrot, cinnamon, white chocolate, candied ginger, safflowers, flavour.


Citrus Spice:  rooibos, orange and lemon peel, lemon grass, cinnamon chips, cloves, licorice root and marigold petals.


Honey Bear ♥ roiboss, green rooibos, honeybush, yerba mate (yer-bah mah-tay), lemon peel, marigold petals, blue cornflowers, lemon myrtle, teddy bear sprinkles, flavouring.

Lemon Chiffon
●  green rooibos, apple, lemongrass and natural lemon, vanilla and coconut flavours.

Sugar Plum Fairy ♥ organic green rooibos, organic whole cloves, rosehips, hibiscus*, blackberry leaf, vanilla beans, mallow blossoms and raspberry pieces, flavourings.
(*hibiscus is often intercropped with peanuts).

Sweet Sin ♥ rooibos with freeze-dried raspberries, rose petals, vanilla pieces and flavouring.


Available in the summer months

The Fine Print:  We cannot accommodate severe food allergies.  Pls inform your server if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy.  Special dietary requests (such as requesting vegetarian sammies) require 3 business days notice.  Menu substitutions of any item may occur without notice.  Toward the end of the month, we often begin serving the new month's flavours.  Consumer Advisory Notice:  consuming raw or under cooked meat, poultry, dairy or seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness and pose a risk to your health.